Mental illness is one of the top leading causes of death. Anyone suffering from it is self-destructive and is causing a lot of harm to                               oneself and to others as well.

A great way of treating mental illness is through counseling, at the same time, the ability to look from within. That was why we are impressed with this book thesis because of its potential in teaching others the value of self-actualization, spiritual growth, and mind control.

As it is said already and to elaborate more about the contents of this book from the author’s narrative, Nancy Harris discusses the mental and spiritual truths about the cause of mental illness and how to treat them. In addition, she uses her wisdom and that deep connection to the divine power within us, also known as God, which makes anyone suffering from mental illness heal and take control of their own thoughts.

It is not apparent to anyone, let alone a large majority of people that mental illness can be treated by simply controlling our own thoughts. Nancy explains how we should be able to combat the negative thoughts in our heads. She shared this by sharing her own insights about Godhood, her very own experience with mental illness, and including the many reasons why mental illness continues to harm people- even when people who are suffering from it are continuously seeking counseling.

So, how do we really treat mental illness? Nancy explains that it is about thinking positively about oneself, inviting one’s God-Spirit to penetrate our minds to guide our actions- it is also about forgiving others and oneself from previous traumas and painful life experiences. Nancy shared so many wonderful and trying experiences including her son’s death, her husband’s alcoholism, and her bouts with depression, health issues, and mental health problems. She then shares the techniques of how we can heal from them- and that is something the readers should look forward to. It is very helpful indeed!

This is a phenomenal read! Anyone reading it will understand the power of the mind and God’s connection to who we are as human BEINGS! Seriously worth your time and attention!

The book is available via Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Buy your own copy now!

Pub Date: October 16, 2019
ISBN-10: 1643678701
Page Count: 106
Publisher: URLink Print & Media, LLC
Review Posted Online: February 2, 2021
Writera Magazine Reviews Issue: February 2, 2021
Categories: Self-Help 

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