Ghost Lips from the Trickster: A Civil War Story

A father’s love for his child and his wife knows no danger. Whether it’s a bayonet, a hound, a strange-looking animal, or a wizard who has                       a lot of tricks, nothing can stop a man from running for his way back home. Dennis Boisvert stitched all these elements to create an exceptional literary wonder.

Sergeant Victor Peters is determined to find his way back home. His child, Bessie, is in grave danger, for she is experiencing nightmares which he also had when he was little. Only Victor has the solution to end his daughter’s suffering. That’s why when the chance to escape from the prison train fell on his arms, he thought of nothing but to run, and not even a bullet could stop him.

In the middle of the woods, he comes across his friend John Hardy, and together they run fast as their lives depend on it. Three other soldiers, Rod, Bishop, and Earl, made their way to the dangerous fields trying to hide from death. Victor feels like there is a force that moves for him as the dogs chasing them turn the other way. Soon, he realized that all his decisions were a result of a vision, and this vision helped them to be safe. This part of the story is so tense that you won’t bat an eye to see where this run takes them.

In a few miles, they can see home. But a story from the young soldier Rod turned their feet the other way around. As a powerful witch named Tamar was known to heal any illness, Victor can’t help but think of his daughter. So instead of running back to their lines, they took the chance to look for the mines — only to face more danger.

This is a story of a father willing to sacrifice everything just to return to his family. To die trying to escape or to die without doing anything at all. Time flies rapidly as you flip each page and discover each chapter. It will open your eyes to the reality of what loss can bring to people. How faith can be your powerful weapon and faith in the wrong ones can be the reason for your death.

You will enjoy the wild ride of chase and action. Plus, there are so many biblical and literary references mentioned here that you would know how intelligent the writing is. A combination of civil war facts and old wives’ tales completed the mixture for one great story. This will definitely be one of your favorites — a story that will embark a place in your soul.

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Pub Date: December 29, 2020
Page Count: 156
Publisher: Page Publishing, Inc.
Review Posted Online: December 29, 2020
Writera Magazine Reviews Issue: December 3, 2021
Category: Action, Adventure Fiction

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