The story revolves around two of the world’s greatest commanders. Hannibal Barca, a brilliant general who commanded Carthage’s main                 forces against the Roman Republic, and Scipio Africanus, a Roman General who defeated Carthage  forces through military tactics.

The author started the story by giving us a little backstory of what had happened during the First Punic War. Hannibal’s father, Hamilcar Barca, was an excellent commander of Carthaginian troops, winning victories over the Romans. It was during the First Punic War when the Senate refused to provide Hamilcar adequate financial resources in conquering Sicily. He had no other choice but to submit to a humiliating peace treaty with the Romans. In 229 BC, Hamilcar Barca died escaping a surprise attack from a hostile tribe.

The plot then shifted its focus to the Second Punic War, where it mainly highlighted Hannibal’s military prowess and Scipio’s keen preparations to defeat Carthage troops.

Hannibal Barca, a brilliant general who crossed the Alps with his troops and elephants, which is close to impossible for any man to accomplish versus Scipio Africanus, an unparalleled war strategist who studied battlefields before the actual fight. The unbiased yet entertaining storytelling of past events makes this book perfect for those who love studying History.

Adolf AF Jochnick, in his book, ‘Hannibal, Scipio and The Emergence of Rome’ not only tackles the blunt truth about historic events. It also aims to teach us how each decision matter by reminding us of the historic Punic Wars. What if Hannibal won? What if Scipio hesitated in conquering Africa? What if they used different strategies? These are some of the questions readers begin to ask themselves as they flip through the pages and dive deeper and deeper into the story.

Scipio was ten years younger than Hannibal. When Scipio became a Consul, Hannibal was already a veteran at war. Yet, despite the gap in experience, Scipio’s clever way of thinking and diligent studying of his opponents make them equally matched.

Hannibal received his military training since he was still a kid. He was trained in all aspects of warfare and the use of weapons. It was in 218 BC when Hannibal started his campaign. He was in pursuit of conquering Italy. On many occasions, Hannibal showed his talents as a leader. Everything seemed perfect until they received the news that Romans led by Scipio were also invading Africa, attacking Carthage itself. They had no other choice but to fall back and reclaim their fallen territory.

Scipio Africanus was only twenty-six years old when he first volunteered as a new commander to restrain Hannibal. Scipio was involved in many military activities. He proved himself to be a worthy commander despite him being ten years too early to be in the position. Despite his young age, Scipio was able to subdue Carthaginian troops.

The book ‘Hannibal, Scipio, and The Emergence of Rome’ not only teaches us what happened in the historic Second Punic War but also tells us the importance of carefully planning ahead. It tells us what influences the decisions of the two prominent generals in history, how they face challenges, and most importantly, the significance of strength in numbers. This book is jam-packed with adventure, betrayal, and reconciliation.

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Pub Date: May 12, 2020
Page Count: 168
Publisher: Page Publishing, Inc
Review Posted Online: February 8, 2021
Writera Magazine Reviews Issue: February 8, 2021
Categories: History

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