The most interesting book about the violin, how it is played, how to play it with a soundpost, and why it is regarded as the                                           “Soul of the Instrument”.

There are so many things that the readers will learn here and they will be able to use it in their own performance and how they can play the sound appropriately.

Anyone reading this book will be impressed by the knowledge of the author and the way he teaches and creates the technical aspect of his teachings. It is indeed a book worthy of exploring, learning, and realizing one’s own abilities and how the tone, sound, and melody of the violin should be played.

It is therefore also an educational and fascinating read because its technicalities of how a sound is produced are something of a mystery to anyone who doesn’t play professionally.

Talks about the resonance of sounds, the term Cremer’s ‘island’, what that means and its significance can be read here too.  Each and everything that one discovers here is fairly new to someone who is just starting out. It is also a very informative and fascinating discovery that a passionate and aspiring violinist will enjoy knowing about.

There is definitely a lot that one can learn and these are also very helpful information for people who are interested in performing better. A discussion of its optimal sound performance and its fascinating history is also something that a passionate violinist would love reading about and share with the people who share the same interest. 

Talking about the instrument affecting the body and how a violinist should be mindful of the positioning, adjustments, and breathing action of the body is profound information. Playing the violin should be technical as well as intuitive, and if you read this before playing it, then it will surely be a great way to start. 

There are some subjective and objective observations shared on how varying sounds can be produced, through which a player can experiment and learn from.

In addition, this book doesn’t only teach aspiring players, but also, people who see violin as a beautiful instrument that when actually studied becomes a well-respected instrument that is both intelligent and beautiful.

The book is available via Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Buy your own copy now!

Pub Date: June 15, 2020
ISBN-10: 1504321324
Page Count: 94
Publisher: Balboa Press AU
Review Posted Online: February 9, 2021
Writera Magazine Reviews Issue: February 9, 2021
Categories: Music

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