Published author Ouisie Bulkeley hands over a most valuable gift from above.

With the unlimited number of books out in the market, it would be almost easy to pass this one by. But once you give it a chance, you discover that this is the only needle in the haystack that you need to find. Bulkeley opens For You, My Child with a testimony that immediately draws you to devour its content. She knows God so well and points to how humorous He can be to commission someone like her, a dyslexic, to pencil His poetic messages through her. Dyslexia is defined as a learning disorder that affects one’s reading abilities and because of this, composing poems may not come easy for Bulkeley. To add insult to injury, she admits, “I never really enjoyed poetry”. Indeed, how can a dyslexic person who is not even into poems put together a collection of inspirational literature? This premise puts Bulkeley in the best position to pen the poems that God himself would have written.

Without any amount of pretense but full of authenticity and honesty, she exudes the impression that she is like every other ordinary human being you can relate to. She is simply a humble servant sharing through poetry what God would have wanted to tell based on the Bible. If it was God, talking to you directly, would you not listen? His message has to be out there and the poems present a creative and strategic scheme for God’s instruments, including Bulkeley, to help spread His word. As Bulkeley puts it, the poems found in this book, “embodies the very words that God would speak to you each time you seek his righteousness”.

As in the title, the poems are intended to be God’s messages to every individual as his children to show his care as well to shepherd them in the right direction. There are as many as 84 poems and each one has a valuable message to offer – a different spiritual issue as there are different people and situations. To highlight a few, there is a poem, “Only from God Comes Peace” where Bulkeley shares of her personal struggle and triumph saying, “I know that my seizures bring me closer to You”. “No Vacancy” is a poignant reminder of how Jesus is waiting for people’s hearts to be vacant for him. “Our Lord’s Dear, Special Breeze” speaks of God’s love and how it can be beautifully spread. “Understanding the Other Side” effectively presents how God has tediously prepared a special place but how His love is often being easily rejected. God’s final message is to get back on track, away from worldly distractions, and that Jesus is the one, true Leader that should be followed. Therefore, change has to come from the inside out.

Overall, the attack is poetic and creative but the impact is serious and intense. The direct confrontations allow readers to think deeply about how they are living their life and if truly reflects having Christ in them or it is more of a worldly agenda. The message is clearly stated that there is only one task and that is to follow Him by seeking God’s words that are also in the book. The space for reflection found after each poem is a source of deeper strength and is meant to be consumed daily so that every day you are also guided. It is a productive encouragement that you do not only read but reflect on how the poems mean to you. As you reflect, you renew your commitments for the day and stride step by step towards your spiritual goals.

Whatever Bulkeley may have been commissioned to attain through this book has been achieved with flying colors. Mission accomplished.

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Pub Date: October 16, 2019
ISBN-13: 978-1644582381
Page Count: 192
Publisher: Christian Faith Publishing, Inc
Review Posted Online: February 6, 2021
Writera Magazine Reviews Issue: February 6, 2021
Categories: Christian Poetry

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