Hell’s Mouth

Impeccable, inspiring, and deeply touching! There is no other book that tells a good story about the devastating consequences of the First                 Liberian Civil War and its political and humanitarian dimensions. It is the story of Abraham, a devoted man to the cause of humanity. He is assisted by the love of his life, Selina, to reach the remotest area of the Ivory Coast and help people who flee war and the insanity of warlords. He is only concerned by the well-being of most needy people. Abraham is not impressed by title, power, money, or influence. He stands firm against all interests to defend the victims of this atrocious war. Hence Azam fathers an ethic-bound “humanitarian and human rights James Bond,” something unique in modern literature that increases readers’ desire to look for his next book.

Hell’s Mouth contains priceless details about humanitarian operations carried out by the heroes of human values and dignity at the risk of their lives. It recounts real stories of ordinary people who make a significant positive difference on those affected by war’s cruelty. Azam describes earnestly the tragic legacy of slavery, colonialism, and new colonialism, shameful realities of our not-so-distant past that inflicted misery, death, desolation, and torture to dozens of millions of individuals and families in Africa and elsewhere. Hell’s Mouth is a powerful voice against the mightiest whose actions destroy trust and confidence in human values and the future.

Azam’s writing style is forthright and straightforward. The readers go through pages of beautiful accounts and an ocean of information on issues unknown to most westerners. Liberia, the first and one of the most ancient republics of modern times on earth, is destroyed by its own and brutal sons, and Azam is unequivocal about their misdeeds.

This book describes the unbreakable bond among human beings, irrespective of their skin color, gender, social background, political opinion, or different affinities. It advocates against misdemeanors and bigotry, summing up the beauty of African people living on both sides of the Cavalla River. Azam’s expertise in describing cultural values is undeniable. He explains with ease traditions and societal beauties.

Hell’s Mouth is a book for readers who love to explore a country’s history, the politics behind its governments, and how it has survived the regimes and cruelties of oppressors. It is a sensitive and challenging read for anyone who feels compassion for others because Azam is frank about ravages caused by superpowers and some government’s inhuman actions against their citizens. On the other side, it recounts humanitarians’ heroism, whose goal is to change people’s lives for the better. Thus, Abraham and Selina’s story is about love and compassion, values, vision, life challenges, and action to help others, inspiring the readers to be just like them and to have a relationship that is as loving and compassionate as theirs. It will enchant and enlighten readers.

Everybody must read Hell’s Mouth to realize the value of freedom and liberty and the fortune of living in a peaceful society. It concludes beautifully that “Africa and many countries in other continents still suffer from the scars of slavery, colonialism, and new colonialism… Power and might are never eternal. Ferocious empires transformed into ashes, primarily because of their arrogance and suppression of others. Pages of history turn, and with them, so do power, wealth, and progress.” He ends with Mahatma Gandhi’s statement that “our ability to reach unity in diversity will be the beauty and test of our civilization.”

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Pub Date: January 12,2021
ISBN: 164803540X
Page Count: 268
Publisher: Westwood Books Publishing LLC
Review Posted Online: January 12, 2021
Writera Magazine Reviews Issue: April 23, 2021
Categories: Thriller & Suspense > Spies & Politics > Espionage

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