Harvest of Souls Crossover

A story that will fill you up with its quirkiness, humor, adventure, and action-filled scenes. “Harvest of Souls Crossover” have intriguing                      characters that will pique the interest of the readers. The best audience that will be able to connect to the essence and wisdom of the story are the kids. Every child can connect to the imagination, the curiosity, and the pureness of heart from the child characters that are a part of the cast. The relationship between grandparents and their grandchildren is partly the highlight of this story too and they share how the new generation changes the world today. 

This book has really great and sensational scenes that if you are imaginative, you can feel the action and the script come alive right in front of you. There were fight scenes that were magical and astonishing. There were a lot of adventures that every main character had to experience to be able to save their grandfather from dying. There were a lot of twists and turns in the story that will keep the readers on their toes and see what is next for these awesome child character heroes. One can fondly call them child heroes because they are on a mission to save the world from darkness. Grandpa Howdy shared with them the time of the CROSSOVER, where the DARKNESS impede the LIGHT and where most righteous people become defeated. Moreover, Grandpa Howdy is hopeful because he knows that his grandchildren have a very pure, kind, and zealous spirit, and it would seem as if they can overcome this inevitable uprising of the evildoers in their world. 

Adult readers will be able to connect to the perception of the narrator- in the person of Grandpa Howdy. He had shared how the world has changed, and how the media, the songs of the new generation, and even the manner of how they dance is corrupting what should be a world of love, peace, and harmony with others. 

The essence of this book is to influence children – to let them understand the impact of evil actions and thoughts on themselves. This will also tell them that this can ultimately affect the relationship that you have with your friends and with everyone around you. Grandpa Howdy also wants to remind every child who will read this book that there is nothing to gain from doing bad things, but there is so much to get from doing the right thing. And with that said this becomes a solid, essential, life-changing book for children – guaranteed! 

Read it together with your sons, daughters, and grandchildren!

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Pub Date: November 6, 2020
Page Count: 73
Publisher: Page Publishing, Inc
Review Posted Online: November 6, 2020
Writera Magazine Reviews Issue: April 8, 2021
Categories: Literature & Fiction

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