SORAYA: The Other Princess

Soraya: The Other Princess is a great and must-read book because it is a beautiful combination of literature, history, politics, and the                           sensational story of an exceptional woman, Soraya Ludin 

Saber Azam drew inspiration from the right person. Anyone reading this book will come across an ocean of information and knowledge and reflect on the lessons and the ideals that he is sharing. He wants to influence the world through the eyes and spirit of Soraya.

In general, Saber is trying to enlighten the reader about the Afghan politics and culture, the wonders of Afghanistan, and the bright and strong women who took a stand for what they believed were correct. It is also about the corrupt leadership and people in authority, the inefficient governments, and flagrant inequality among people that pushed Afghanistan to successive tragedies. More specifically, it is the story of Soraya Ludin, a wonderful and intelligent woman whose course of life takes the booklovers from Afghanistan to the United States, United Kingdom, Switzerland, India, Turkey, Iran, and finally Austria.

Soraya is a unique and brilliant child. Her father is her mentor and protector. She grows up with an acute sense of honesty and forthrightness and witnesses racial discrimination and social disparity in the societies she lives in. She observes the power games in palaces, the injustice that most of her countrywomen and men are subject to, and the dubiousness of regional and international powers. She studies in the best institution in London and meets influential people. However, she does not forget her origin and the poor people of her country. She reaches those in need. 

This book is also about violent international politics such as the forceful take-over of Afghanistan by communists, the invasion of this country by superpowers, the rise of current international terrorism, and the devastation of proxy wars on this land. It teaches the reader about Afghan women, Soraya being an example, and their struggle to have a meaningful existence in society. They are bright and ambitious. Most of them have big dreams and the desire to change their country. They are also resilient amidst the crisis, killings, and wars. They love their children, they are great mothers, and they are creative and skilled. Saber portrays that despite the systematic ineptness of leaders, and the existence of discrimination in society, there is always hope. Hope and change can happen if people like Soraya speak up and execute the right action for change.
Soraya: The Other Princess is also about the importance of quality education and why Afghan women and the people of Afghanistan should value it and work their way into becoming well-educated. Soraya was one of the few who had the opportunity of quality education. This way, she is cultured, bright, resourceful, and industrious. She had endless opportunities and was not limited to the role of being a mother and a housewife. This is indicative of what quality education can do for women. 

Her story is also about the struggle of a woman for the liberation of her country. She flies high in the ladders of power and falls deep, uprooted as a refugee with minimal means. She believes in her ability and that of every woman. Soraya’s story is also about compassion, empathy, care, and attention for others and the long way that Afghans in general and Afghan women, in particular, must crisscross. 

From an outsiders’ perspective, one will feel very sad, heartbroken, and even angry for the events that were/are happening to the Afghan people. Through his book, Saber allows decision-makers to help, be realistic, and find the right solution for challenges that will sooner or later affect the whole world. 

Soraya: The Other Princess is a wonderful read!

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Pub Date: April 28, 2020
Page Count: 506
Publisher: Westwood Publishing LLC
Review Posted Online: April 28, 2020
Writera Magazine Reviews Issue: March 29, 2021
Categories: Genre Fiction > Historical

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