The Beauty Of Being Human

The Beauty of Being Human

Love, longing, desire, and passion are all feelings that can be felt and experienced. Allow yourself to be lifted up, cajoled, and confronted                  by phrases that will inevitably become ingrained in your mind. In this fantastic collection of lyrical lines and rhymes, Nirander Safaya’s “The Beauty of Being Human” will help you see the wonder and beauty of humankind, and the emotions that come with it.

This book will make you feel a variety of emotions. It talks about life, love, light, and consciousness, and how these gifts to humankind have evolved in a natural way over time. It sheds light on the process of maturation and how many components of life shape us. As we get older, the types of love we offer and receive change. It beautifully and passionately depicts life as it progresses from one point to the next. The hardships of being a human are told in a fresh way.

Things may change with time, but everything is meaningful if you consider the broader picture. When love, labor, and laughter come together, one’s everyday existence becomes straightforward, lovely, and uncomplicated. These things are described in a simple and sparkling manner. Nothing is impossible for a passionately longing heart. Some people are prepared to put their lives on the line only to have a taste of something surreal.

One realization that will stick with you is that we can never outwit time. It is a living factor that destroys old patterns and creates new things. It can make you cry or grin. When time poses as a foe, we want to stop and vanish. Safaya’s poems on the subjects of time, consciousness, and spiritual awakening are awesome. The threat posed by COVID-19 has also been dealt with adroitly.

This collection of poetry will leave you gasping for air in the best manner imaginable. Through Nirander Safaya’s words of wisdom, you will experience a flash of positive feelings. All the pieces will resonate with readers since they depict real feelings and attainable aspirations. It will make you appreciate all your feelings, including the negative ones. A brilliant poet penned these poems, and gifted us with the moment to feel again, and feel like the truly blessed ones on this planet.

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Pub Date: October 31, 2020
Page Count: 362
Publisher: Xlibris US
Review Posted Online: October 31, 2020
Writera Magazine Reviews Issue: January 4, 2022
Category: Poetry

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