A published author, musical composer, visual, and vocal put her soul on the line in a no-nonsense, straightforward Christian testimony.

On a typical day, no sane individual can openly admit to weakness and sinfulness but Harjo is not your average human being. With a flair for impactful writing, she embarks on an audacious exposé of the human soul and its frailties declaring that “The cancer of the soul is a terminal, evil, shady, proud, merciless entity”. Not singling herself out from the rest of mankind, she bears her own soul and shares her most intimate self. Harjo starts strong with defining who her target audience is for the book and who, without an ounce of doubt, she did not intend it for. For those bold enough to take the challenge and go deep and ugly with her, she has a laudable dissertation in store.

Her dry sense of humor and intelligent observation lures deeper as if she has the ability to read minds. The choice of words is profound yet highly engaging and enormously relatable in the modern world. It is easy to hunger for more as the soul is gradually disrobed of its lies and defenses. Strategic and hard-hitting, there is no room to hide. Believer or non-believer, she goes beyond the diversity of cultures and religion into the depths of spirituality – confronting the infinite agitating questions that are almost impossible to answer. She provides that much-needed space in the here and now for confrontation as well as effectively conveying the urgency and necessity.

Exclusively rooted in the Bible, she does not lay claim to any of the answers but employs the Scripture as a stronghold. In spite of huge individual differences, the resonance is steadfast and undeniable. There is only one way, one Truth and it is the living Word of God, nothing else. Therefore, Harjo brings to consciousness false beliefs and practices then zeroes in on what is important as a spiritual focus.

The revelations result in the realization that true knowledge of God only leads to one path and it is filled with praise, serenity, and complete surrender. Harjo admits that the same road is not exempt from experiences of loss, hardship, trauma, and temptation but with perseverance and grace, salvation is at hand. Forgiveness, appreciation for life, and hope are extremely valuable gifts. And while not all questions can be answered, God is in total control.

The answer to the question, “Who’s controlling you?” lies in humility and faith – this book holds that transcendent Truth.

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Pub Date: October 29, 2019
ISBN-13: 978-1098012397
Page Count: 482
Publisher: Christian Faith Publishing, Inc 
Review Posted Online: February 15, 2021
Writera Magazine Reviews Issue: February 15, 2021
Categories: Christian Books & Bibles

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