Rock and Roll Rolex is an interesting story anybody can relate to. Have you tried chasing things or people you thought you needed? You                     might remember your ex-boyfriend/girlfriend, to whom you’ve dedicated your body and soul, only to find out that… they are unimportant. You might even remember buying stuffs just to fill your ego, then having regrets later because what you bought is actually useless. This book highlights the stupidity of following someone who also doesn’t know his/her destination.

It all started someplace down the hill when Ochan, the Rolex Man, prepared early for his customers. Rolex is an inexpensive Ugandan street food specialty made of scrambled eggs mixed with cabbage, tomato, and onion wrapped inside a thin crust called chapati. Who would have thought that this simple dish would, later on, cause much commotion?

While Ochan was preparing for the dish, a hungry truck driver named Kato hurriedly drove towards Ochan’s Rolex cart. The rocks wobbled and fell at the tip of the frying pan. The frying pan flipped and hit Ochan’s hand. The paper bag he was holding with the rolex inside flew up in the air, leaving the two dumbfounded. And so, the story of a rolling rolex began.

When the rolex landed on the hill, it brought together five different characters into one same goal – to pursue something. One thing that is noteworthy in this story is the fact that only the mouse, who saw the paper bag and smelled what’s inside, knew what these five characters have been chasing. The mouse embodies a person with a clear goal. Someone who is hungry for growth, may it be personal, financial, social, or spiritual. It embodies someone who never listens to distractions. His vision is laser focus.

On the other side of the story, there were other four characters who blindly went after the mouse, not knowing who or what they are after. Such characters were only driven by one thing – curiosity.

Rock and Roll Rolex teaches us how powerful our curious minds are. Humans could forget that they are humans if they are curious enough about how to act like animals. We often forget our identity if we are too curious about how to live like another person’s identity. This book will help readers reassess, evaluate, and ask themselves a question, “What the hell am I chasing?” What you think could benefit you only makes you grow tired and weary. In the story, the four characters only ended up tired and confused.

This book also urges us to determine what we really want. Is it worth the gamble? Is it worth investing your time, energy, effort, and resources? Especially when that thing goes rolling downhill and getting back to where we’ve been is not an easy task. Is it worth the chase?

Rock and Roll Rolex is a must-read short storybook, not just for kids, but also for a guy who has been thinking of pursuing someone, for young professionals who are chasing career paths, for someone who’s about to gamble on business ventures. This book reminded us to think first before doing something. It is a tale with a fun-filled adventure of a rolling rolex which brought five different characters downhill, chasing one after the other.

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Pub Date: June 1, 2018
Page Count: 24
Publisher:Old Mzee Books
Review Posted Online: February 17, 2021
Writera Magazine Reviews Issue: February 17, 2021
Categories: Comedy

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