The New Patriots

The documentary is indeed eye-opening, and Peter Ilich was extremely courageous in taking on this subject and turning it into a film.

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The Music of Women

There’s no writer more talented than the one writing his own fate. And in his last book, he will recollect all the women in his life, both those who wronged him and those who helped him rectify his wrongs. Vincent Panettiere’s strikingly honest narration allows us to enter an erotic stream of a man’s unconsciousness as he makes his final confessions.

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The Broken Promise of a Promised Land

In William Hanna’s anticipatingly genius work, The Broken Promise of a Promised Land, you will be illuminated on how timely troubles trace back their origins to the ancient past.

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The imagery employed is effective. You can close your eyes for a few moments and be transported to a tranquil paradise full of tranquillity.

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