After serving the US Military for 21 years, Demetris Bryant made a risky decision to move on to another chapter of her                         life. In her book ‘Holding On and Not Giving Up on Self’, she generously shares her experiences in life, both the good and the bad. Uncertain of what the future had in store for her, she took a leap of faith in trusting God’s plans for the rest of her life outside the military service. 

In this book, Dee Bryant takes her readers on her military journey of failure, making mistakes, and losing hope. She opens up her world through her book to inspire teenagers not only from her home country, United States but also from those who are in other parts of the world. She targets to impact and inspire the troubled and unprepared teens who struggle with the good and bad choices the world presents to them. The book also offers advice and encouragement to the parents and guardians who experience difficulty in parenting their children. The comedic anecdotes bring realistic and authentic experiences from the author herself, starting from her childhood, to her adolescent years, to her adulthood, and the romantic side of her relationships. All of those experiences bring joy, nostalgia, and realization to what kind of world we live in, that injustice in the form of discrimination thus exists in any part of the world. But there is joy in those experiences knowing that God already walked before you, that He already knew it even before you did. That God will and can pull you through those bad experiences in life only if we depend and keep on trusting Him. 

During her military service, she was assigned to different places, from her hometown Florida to Alabama to Germany to Hawaii to Belgium to Columbus GA, as she renewed her enlistment and progress in her position as a military officer. Her practical objectives to learn new skills travel the world, and earn money for college upon entering the military were just a catapulting mechanism for her to find her truest purpose in life. The bonus in this book is the two short stories about family members that have made mistakes as teenagers and have ended up behind bars within the prison system. Her honesty and transparency in her narrations give an assurance that you’re in for a fruitful and meaningful conversation with her book.


No sugar coating, just pure, and genuine heart to heart talk with a woman of faith who overcame adversity in life only through Him, through LORD God, who can make all things possible when everything seems to be impossible. Along the way and throughout her book, she teaches you to rely on your faith in God with a spirit of excellence, while building confidence with a can-do and will-do attitude. Her faith in God still plays a big part in her journey to fulfill her purpose in life now that she is out of the military service, and that is to encourage parents, guardians, and teenagers through this book to put God first in anything and everything, and all good things that you need shall be added unto you.  ‘Holding On and Not Giving Up on Self’ is a book that will restore your faith and make you believe in miracles God in-store through the little and simplest things in life. 

The book is available via Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

Pub Date: Jan 24, 2016
Page Count: 102
Publisher: Lightning Fast Book Publishing
Review Posted Online: January 22, 2021
Writera Magazine Reviews Issue: January 22, 2021
Categories: Self-help


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