Intriguing, connective, relevant, and touching! A perfect tale for teens and young adults.

This book encourages the youth of today to explore and reconnect to their innocence and purity of heart. Jaycee will also teach them to enjoy living a simple life, celebrate it and revel in their natural curiosity. This story wants the youth of today to see and realize that there is more to life than looks, popularity, clothes, and social status.

Friendship, loyalty, being just, having an open mind, and respectful of other people’s culture were also encouraged and explored. A story through which the young adults will become influenced in becoming better human beings, and stay centered amidst the challenges of the young adult life. 

The negative impact of social media on our youth, issues of feeling unworthy, and the need to fit in is an endless concern of parents that usually destroys their self-esteem is part of the message from this story. Books like this one protect the youth by redirecting their attention to valuable stories and life lessons that teach. This can help reframe their minds and offer a path that will help them see what is hindering them from growing into a more balanced and stable individual. We applaud this theme a lot because there will be a vast majority of young people who can benefit from it and grow from it. 

Teenagers, adult women, and mothers are the best people who can connect to this book. Along with priests, or spiritual counselors, and school administrators. This book is definitely a great read and it will help a lot of teenagers see how their life should be lived, how they should conduct their lives, how to enjoy a simple life and how to balance school, personal interests, and time with friends and loved ones!

As a whole, this is a cool, hip, and spiritual story. It is where life lessons about love, culture, and friendship can also be learned.

Surely a must-read! 

The book also comes with a free downloadable work book. This work book, “Jaycee: A Heroine’s Journey” makes a perfect book to be read and discussed in book clubs or e learning classes. It offers real life lessons and many ways to develop oneself in a well-rounded and spiritual way. 

To secure a copy of the work book, click the link here. The book is also available in Amazon and Barnes & Nobles.

Pub Date: Dec 16, 2018
ISBN: 2-370010-611304
Page Count: 152
Publisher: Word First Press
Review Posted Online: January 26, 2021
Writera Magazine Reviews Issue: January 26, 2021
Categories: Women’s Fiction

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