Robert Page: Bang Goes The Weasel

Bang Goes The Weasel is a crime thriller book. A fast-paced story with twists and turns, as two main characters try to survive yet only one makes it to the end of the book!

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Liana Wall: The Wishing Well Collection

Liana Wall is a ballet teacher in England, United Kingdom. Aside from her graceful aura, she is also a children’s book writer and wrote a book that touches on the fantasy genre!

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Ana Scannell : The Grey Nymph

An Irish children’s author that made a children’s book that is all about a gray nymph who doesn’t feel she’s good enough to participate in life around her.

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Advertisements Help a Lot

Ads will surely help you sell. As an author, ads are investments. You may not acquire back the investment but you can guarantee that you will get exposure.

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Plus Factor In Ebook Pricing

Starting to sell your books in a lesser price might not get much in royalties but you will surely win a few readers and you can guarantee that they will talk about it.

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