The Marriage of Figgalo

Experience the same rush as Dr. Philip Emma leads us through an exciting story that will keep you up all night.

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Grip Of Heaven

In Grip of Heaven, author H. Bruce Boulton shares his touching personal testimony of faith, as he seeks the truth of God’s Word following his wife’s passing.

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The Never Ending Fall

Great plot and story development! A moving story of love, pain, and betrayal that takes the reader on a roller coaster of emotions.

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Boy Interrupted by Patrick King

Boy Interrupted

In the small town of Muncie, where crimes and violence seldom ever happen, none of the townspeople ever thought that one day, a corpse…

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From Africa With Love

With Abdalla’s homecoming, he went out to check his long-time sweetheart to check if she still remembers him. Unknowingly, she has been…

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Hell’s Mouth

Hell’s Mouth recounts real stories of ordinary people who make a significant positive difference on those affected by war’s cruelty.

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Harvest of Souls Crossover

Join the Howdy family as they battle against evil forces. Will they be able to defeat the seemingly unbeatable dark world leader, Shuby?

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